IAANT was founded in Dec. 1, 2008 in Dallas and is a non-profit public benefit corporation and is not organized for the private gain of any person. It is organized under the Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation Law for public and charitable purposes, within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, or the corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue law.

Our mission:
The purpose of IAANT shall be to promote better understanding and relations between the American and Iraqi people by initiating and managing social, educational, cultural and charitable activities. IAANT will strive to explore civic education, leadership development, community involvement and respect for diversity, exchange information, and promote both the Iraqi and the American cultures. This will include languages, history, experiences, art, and traditions. In addition, it will act to initiate social and cultural interactions. It will particularly address the pressing needs of the Iraqi Immigrants and the community at large through philanthropic and charitable work, regardless of creed, sect, nationality or color. It will also promote athletic, intellectual, and artistic events to create an atmosphere of mutual understanding between the Iraqis and Americans.

Your donation to IAANT promotes cultural diversity in the community. Donations are used to support cultural, social, educational and charitable programs throughout the year. Whether it is on your own or in collaboration, whether it is financial contribution or your time, you can make a difference. Donors of IAANT will get name recognition and priority sitting at the any events. The IAANT invites all regardless of creed, color, religion, sect, and national origin.

Iraqi American Association of North Texas


            The Iraqi Consulate is visiting Dallas and Houston
 اخر الأخبار للخدمات القنصلية

اعلان الى الجالية العراقية الكريمة
يسر الجمعية العراقية الامريكية ان تعلن لكم جدول الخدمات القنصلية في دلاس\بلينو تكساس في المكان والزمان 
السبت 14 و الأحد 15 والاثنين 16 من الشهر الحالي من 9 صباحاً – الى 5 مساءً يومياً وذلك في
قاعه علم سنتر
2101 W. Plano Pkwy,
Plano, TX 75075

North west corner of Custer & Plano Pkwy

مدينة هيوستن  ولمدة ثلاثة ايام  ابتداءاً من يوم الأربعاء  الموافق ٢٠١٦/٥/١٨ ولغاية يوم الجمعة الموافق  ٢٠١٦/٥/٢٠ ، من الساعة التاسعة صباحاً الى الساعة الخامسة مساءاً

في قاعة فندق
Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott
4025 Interwood N Pkwy
Houston, TX  77032
United States
ترجو القنصلية العامة الجالية العراقية الكريمة الالتزام بالمواعيد اعلاه لتحقيق  أهداف الزيارة وتسهيل مهمة وفد القنصلية  والله الموفق

ارجو تعميم الخبر

         To support our Iraqi people in Iraq         

Our Iraqi People in Iraq are suffering every day due to corruptions, ISIS invasions, sectarian violence and not having basic social services. We at IAANT in support and solidarity with our Iraqi people in their issues. Therefore, we had a solidarity gathering holding signs in front of the Irving Convention Center in Los Colinas, Texas on Saturday 8/29/2015.
We showed that all Iraqis are:
  • Against Corruptions in Iraq and all corrupts must be prosecuted
  • Against sectarian violence in Iraq
  • Against ISIS invasions and must be defeated
  • All Iraqis are UNITED as one
  • Government in Iraq must follow the LAW OF LAND to protect the Iraqi people and to keep Iraq UNITED as ONE
  • Please click on the link below to see our support
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJU5fpKrLEs&sns=em

The Virtual Iraqi Museum Website
The U.S. Department of State Financed  the creation of a Virtual Iraqi Museum Website. They hired Google and You-tube to complete the job. This Website contains over than 14,000 pictures of our great history. The Website designed to be in Arabic, English and French and at this time only the English section is ready.
Please click at this link to see our history:
Please make sure and pass this to a friend or anyone else. We thank the U.S. Department of State on a job well done.
          We will have Arabic Classes for FREE soon insha'allah!

   We will provide you very soon with names and addresses of Iraqi homes that volunteered to teach our Iraqi kids the Arabic language for free. It is very important to keep our kids bilingual and bi cultural. If you are interested to enroll your kids please call Ms. Amira (214) 202-7640. There will three homes in three different locations and we chose to have one in Dallas and one in Irving and the other one in Fort Worth. We will also provide you with the time of these classes.

We are working with Iraqi Actors to do a Play (Masrahiya)!

We are working with Iraqi Actors to have them bring some of their great work into the Dallas/Fort Worth area. This will include having them do some Iraqi Plays (Masrahiyat) and Iraqi poet presentations.

We should always remind the world of who the Iraqis are!

1.  Twelve-thousand years ago, they invented irrigation.

2.  They invented writing.

3.  They figured out how to tell time.

4.  They founded modern mathematics.

5.  In the Code of Hammurabi, they invented the first legal system that protects the weak, the widow and the orphan.

6.  Five-thousand years ago, they had philosophers who attempted to list every known thing in the world.

7.  They were using Pythagoras' theorem 1,700 years before Pythagoras.

8.  They invented artificial building materials, some kind of pre-fab-crete stuff used to construct high-rise towers.

9.  Ur, in southeast Iraq, is assumed to be the place we're all descended from.

10.  They were the first people to build cities and live in them.

11.  For thousands of years, they wrote the greatest poetry, history and "sagas" in the world.

12.  Because they were great horse breeders, they invented the cavalry in war.

13.  The first school for astronomers was established by Iraqis. This is how the "wise men" got to be so wise. They knew how to follow the star.

14.  Beginning around 800 A.D., the Iraqis founded universities that imported teachers from throughout the civilized world to teach medicine, mathematics, philosophy, theology, literature and poetry.

15.  For the first 1,200 years of its existence, Baghdad was regarded as one of the most refined, civilized and festive cities in the world.

16.  Abraham, the father of Israel, was from Iraq.

17.  Abraham, the father and "model" of Christian faith, was from Iraq.

18.  Abraham, the father of Islam, was from Iraq.

   So are you proud to be from Iraq? 




Our Iraqi brothers and sisters and our dearest donors:

The Iraqi American Association of North Texas (IAANT) would like to share some of our accomplishments in helping our community with our own donations (We donated over $291,000.00 in the last 6 years):

    • We brought an Iraqi family of 3 after they lost their father in the war, and now the kids in this family are going to college!
    • We helped in getting donation of furniture to 2-3 new immigrant families in Dallas (value of $3,800- $4,000)
    • We helped in getting donation of 2 desktop, 1 TV, 1 Micro oven, 1 Vacuum and Cash (Value of $325)
    • We helped in getting Living Room Sets to two new immigrant Iraqi families (Value of $2500)
    • We helped in arranging a trip to Glade Texas for a nursing home for one of our new Iraqi family (Value $225)
    • We helped in getting food for three 3-4 families (value $530)
    • We helped in getting a living room set (Value $750)
    • We helped in getting low income apartments to 8-9 families in Fort Worth Texas (value $250)
    • We helped some families in the translation process to finish some of their daily living (Value $325)
    • We helped in getting more baby furniture's and baby supplies and kitchen supplies to some new Iraqi families (Value $1250)
    • We helped in getting 70lb. of meat for 10 families, dry cleaning, 2 vacuums, clothes, small used TV (Value $275)
    • We helped in translating some documents, notary, power of attorney, life certificates, income tax preparation and working with the Iraqi Embassy to do some paper work (Value $385)
    • We helped in translating documents, Tax returns and paperwork for new immigrants and we also gave printers and education videos (Value $1,425)
    • We helped in transporting families to different locations to get jobs and places to live and we also gave them some furniture, food and PCs (Value $1,325)
    • We paid six month rent for an Iraqi immigrant lady and We helped in transporting families to different locations and we also gave them some furniture, food and translated their documentations (Value $2,625)
    • We helped 4 new Iraqi families to get into the Dallas/Fort Worth by finding place to live, getting all paper work done for them, helping them around the area, get their kids to be ready for school, driving them around for shopping and to take them to hospitals/clinics and others (Value $7,450) .
    • We are buying food each month to some new Iraqi immigrant families.
    • We completed some paper work with the Iraqi Embassy for one family without having them traveling to DC.
    • We paid the first 2 months rent for an apartment for and Iraqi family after they left alone by their sponsor.
    • We provided financial support applications for some Iraqi families that they are qualified for.
    • We helped in extending some Iraqi passports to 1 family to be able to see their ill son in Iraq.
    • We helped an Iraqi immigrant to find a low income apartment.
    • We helped more than 20 Iraqis to find jobs just between 9/2010-1/2011.
    • We got some donated furniture's to some Iraqi immigrants.
    • We helped a retired Iraqi immigrant to get SS
    • We helped new Iraqi immigrant to get Driver's Licenses and SSN numbers, since the sponsored left them alone!
    • We helped in solving domestic issues in two different States and everybody is happy
    • We received a new Iraqi Family and we bought them a week worth of groceries
    • We advised some families with the cultural educations and how to be a good citizen here in the U.S.
    • We provide transportation to some families to go to the Dentists and to the Hospitals
    • We helped to complete SS paperwork to a retired Iraqi with SS office.
    • We helped a Disable Iraqi to get his SS and Medicare and he said he was trying this for over a year and he was not able to do so.
    • We helped in preparing Tax return to one family
    • We applied for and made appointment for other 2 retired Iraqis with the SS office
    • We took a week worth of food to a an Iraqi disabled lady
    • We helped an Iraqi lady with her troubled car
    • We were involved as mediators in solving some family issues
    • We finished a tax return for another family
    • We took 3 Iraqi families to the Tax preparation office to show them on how it is done
    • We helped a new family and took them to the market and bought them a week of food supplies
    • We are always on the phone helping Iraqis on how to get DL, Taxes and Educations...
    • We found a job in Kroger for one of our new Iraqi immigrants
    • We helped new Iraqis on how to open a bank accounts when they get here and why
    • We visited an Iraqi with a broken shoulder and we gave him our support
    • We helped to improve the teaching process in the Imam Ali School
    • We helped three families in the live process here in the U.S. upon their arrival
    • We helped a family with their son health problem by finding the proper doctors/hospital
    • We helped 2 families in preparing their tax return
    • We helped another family by taking them to the SS office to finish their paper work and some translation
    • We helped 4 families to find them the best deal in buying a car
    • We helped in solving some disputes
    • We helped an Iraqi Immigrant in the registration of his car and getting a Drivers License for him
    • We helped in completing an Iraq Marriage
    • We visited some Patients in the hospital
    • We did grocery to some elderly
    • We helped to fix a car to one of our Iraqi immigrants
    • We helped an Iraqi Family with medical supplies for their handicap little girl
    • We took an Iraqi Immigrant to the emergency room
    • We invited more than 15 kids to Chucke-Cheese to celebrate a birthday party for an Iraqi immigrant kid.
    • We paid an Electric bill for and Iraqi family
    • We donated one month rent and the electric bill for an Iraqi family and we also helped them to move to the new location
    • We helped in more than 50 tax return for some Iraqi immigrants - free of charge
    • We helped in completing over 20 POA paper work for Iraqis with the Iraqi Embassy
    • We paid for a car repair
    • We helped an Iraqi family to complete immigration form with the immigration office to obtain their passport
    • We helped an Iraqi family to bring their only son from Iraq on immigrant visa
    • We helped few Iraqi Families to translate some paper work for them and we took them for grocery shopping
    • We helped and Iraqi immigrant to finish his paper work to get a low income apartment
    • We helped an Iraqi Immigrant family to finish their paper work to get JPS health insurance for low income family
    • We helped in notarizing and translating some paper work for some Iraqi Families
    • We bought some grocery for three families
    • We paid electric bill for one Iraqi family that have no money that month
    • We took a family to JPS hospital for a checkup
    • We donated some furniture's and clothing for 2 new families upon their arrival
    • We helped to finish 4 forms to get travel documents with the immigration office
    • We helped to finish marriage paper work with the city of Fort Worth to a newly wed couple
    • We took 5 Iraqi families to celebrate their kid's birthday and we also bought some gift to the kids. 
    • We visited an old Iraqi man sick in the hospital in Fort Worth and we brought him some supplies
    • We visited a handy cap lady in hospital in Dallas (heart condition) and helped her husband with some cash.
    • We took some supplies to a handy cap lady stayed 14 days in the hospital, we visited her every day in Fort Worth
    • We supported a family with cash and supplies due to a death in their family 
    • We bought traveling tickets for some Iraqi men as transportation to find a job
    • We went to thrift store to buy used furniture's for a new arrival baby of an Iraqi family
    • We completed 3 Green Card applications to an Iraqi family
    • We helped in finding an apartment to 2 Iraqi immigrants
    • We helped in translating official paper work to an out of town Iraqi immigrant family
    • We helped in moving furniture to a new location
    • We visited an Iraqi immigrant in Fort Worth hospital
    • We invited 2 families to a restaurant to introduce them to each other
    • We helped in establishing an Iraqi concert in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area
    • We completed over 7 more Green card applications for Iraqi Immigrants for free of charge
    • We helped in organizing a Ramadan gathering in an Iraqi restaurant
    • We helped in getting traveling tickets to an Iraqi Family to go to Baghdad
    • We helped in finishing 2 Social Security applications for 2 Iraqi Immigrants looking for retirements and they started getting their monthly retirement's checks
    • We helped in getting 2 Driver's license for 2 new Iraqi Immigrants
    • We helped in finishing all the paper work for Social Security benefits for two Iraqi immigrants and now they get their monthly SS checks
    • We completed all the paper work for three Iraqi Immigrants to get their Green Cards
    • We helped 3 more Iraqi immigrants to process their immigration paper work
    • We helped 2 Iraqi immigrants to change their names in the SS office
    • We donated some money to help an Iraqi lady to pay for her utilities
    • We helped an Iraqi family to relocate



 For more information on IAANT, Please  feel free to

Amira Matsuda (214) 202-7640
Omar Ibrahim 
 (214) 859-0335

Or Write to:
Iraqi American Association of North Texas
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