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For more details on the oganization structure and the Board Members' duties, please see our BYLAW below or if you are interested to see our ByLaws in a document please click on this link IAANT By Laws





The Iraqi American Association of North Texas

Dec 1st, 2008



The name of this entity shall be:
The Iraqi American Association of
North Texas, and referred to in this document as "IAANT"


The purpose of IAANT shall be to promote better understanding and relations between the American and Iraqi people by initiating and managing social, educational, cultural and charitable activities. IAANT will strive to explore civic education, leadership development, community involvement, and respect for diversity, exchange information, and promote both the Iraqi and the American cultures. This will include languages, history, experiences, art, and traditions. In addition, it will act to initiate social and cultural interactions. It will particularly address the pressing needs of the Iraqi Immigrants and the community at large through philanthropic and charitable work, regardless of creed, sect, nationality or color. It will also promote athletic, intellectual, and artistic events to create an atmosphere of mutual understanding between the Iraqis and Americans. ("Purpose")



Section 1. Categories of Membership

The categories of membership consist of Student Membership, Single Membership, Family Membership, Sliver Membership, Gold Membership and Corporate Membership. Voting privileges is open for all members. The Board of Directors, without amendment to the By-Laws, may amend the categories of membership.

Section 2. Membership Obligations

All members shall assume the responsibilities and enjoy the privileges of being members of IAANT: voting, holding office, service and financial obligations, hosting of new members, volunteering for and assisting in Center sponsored events, and participating in its various activities. All members shall treat each other with courtesy, dignity, and respect.

A. Service Obligations

All members are encouraged to participate in the service missions of IAANT, by contributing volunteer work as requested by the Board for fund raising events, and for other various activities that would enhance and promote the mission of IAANT.

B. Financial Obligations

The Board of Directors shall establish annual membership fees which members shall be obligated to pay to remain in good standing.

C. IAANT Representation

1. Every Member is encouraged to participate in programs sponsored by the IAANT.

2. Use of the IAANT name by members (or non-members) outside the Purpose of IAANT will not be permitted. All usages of the IAANT name outside of the normal day-to-day functions of the IAANT shall require approval by the Board.

3. No favor or other recompense shall be solicited or guaranteed to elicit contributions.

4. The use (through electronic, written, verbal or any other media) of the IAANT name, its member list, addresses and personal information of members is prohibited without the written authorization of the Board of Directors ("Board"), and shall not be used for any reason outside the purposes outlined in the mission statement of the IAANT.

Section 3. Admission to Membership

The IAANT is open for membership to any and all Iraqis, from Iraqi origin, man or woman married to an Iraqi living in North Texas wanting to embrace the Purpose and the concepts stated in Article II.

1. All prospective members should apply, pay the applicable membership fee, and go through an orientation by a current member.

2. The new member should be made knowledgeable of the rules of membership and its obligations.

3. The Membership Committee shall review and act on the application for membership.

Section 4. Loss of Membership

A.    Resignations:
A resignation shall be accepted when a member in good standing voluntarily relinquishes his or her membership.

B.    Reinstatement:
A member who has voluntarily resigned may, upon written request, be reinstated as a member, provided that the membership record is in good standing.

C.    Dismissal:

    1. Membership can be forfeited if a member fails to satisfy the member obligations stated in Article III.
    2. The decision to dismiss a member must be approved by a 2/3 majority of the Board members.  



Section 1. Fiscal Year

The Fiscal Year shall begin January 1 and end December 31 of the calendar year. All functions of financial and organizational nature: Accountability, Budgets, Membership, Officers’ installation, Managing units, etc., will follow the above fiscal calendar.

Section 2. General Membership Assembly

  1. The IAANT shall call two General Membership Assembly (Assembly and/or GMA) meetings per year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall (henceforth "Spring Assembly" and "Fall Assembly"), respectively. The Board will set the respective date of the Assemblies, and provide the membership with a one-month prior written notice of the meeting with an agenda.
  2. At the Spring Assembly meeting, the Board shall present the strategic plan, and/or descriptions on planned IAANT activities or directions, shall report on the progress and accomplishments achieved during the concluding year, and describe the general state of IAANT.
  3. At the Fall Assembly, the membership shall elect nine members to the Board of Directors, and shall approve any major issue placed on the ballot by the Board.
  4. Any other pertinent information of interest to the General Membership may be added to the Agenda of either General Assembly.
  5. A Nominating Committee will consist of three Club members, and the President will appoint a Board member to serve as the Chair of the Committee. This Committee shall prepare and submit a slate of nominees for consideration by the General Assembly and election to the Board of Directors. This list will be distributed to the general membership at least 10 days prior to the election.
  6. Election for the Board shall be by ballot, unless there is only one nominee, in which case the election can be by voice vote. The Board is authorized to use the U.S. Postal Service, e-mail, or other remote correspondence communications source to distribute ballots, and to receive the votes of the membership. Ballots and all matters requiring Assembly voting should be communicated to the membership and in such form so that member response can be received at least three days prior to a GMA meeting. All votes will be tabulated at the Assembly. For the election, a member, who has the right to vote consistent with their membership, is entitled to a single vote.   

Section 3. Emergency Assembly

  1. The Board may call an emergency meeting of the General Membership Assembly to address unanticipated circumstances.
  2. A call for an emergency meeting must be approved by a 2/3 majority of the Board attendees.
  3. The General Membership can call for an Emergency Assembly by:
    1. Getting a Board Member to put forth the request; or
    2. Presenting to the Board a signed petition consisting of 10% of the General Membership.  



Section 4. Quorum

The members present at any Assembly meeting shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, and all binding action of the Assembly shall be by majority vote of the members present.


Section 1. Board of Directors

  1. The Board of Directors of IAANT consists of nine duly elected members who are in good standing or such other number of duly elected members as the Board by majority vote shall determine necessary. Each Board Member shall be elected for a one-year term, and each shall hold any required responsibility as determined by the majority of the Board, including serving as Chair or Vice-Chair of an IAANT operational committee. The term of a Board member shall be measured by a calendar year commencing on each January 1, and ending on December 31. Newly elected members shall start their terms on January 1.
  2. Each year, at the Fall Assembly meeting, new members shall be elected to replace the members of the Board who are completing their term.
  3. A Board Member shall not hold elective office more than four consecutive years unless the Nominating Committee determines there are insufficient other candidates running for the Board.
  4. The quorum for the Board shall be two thirds of the Board. In case of lasting vacancies, replacements shall be voted at the next earliest General Membership Assembly meeting. If the number of vacancies reduces the Board below the required quorum, the President shall appoint an interim replacement until the next General Assembly.
  5. Board members shall attend Board meetings. A Board Member who misses three meetings in a year is automatically suspended and dismissed from serving on the Board unless good cause can be shown to the Board for not attending.

Section 2. Board Meetings 

  1. The Board shall meet on a monthly basis at least ten times a year. By majority decision, the Board will determine the date of such meetings and the need to cancel or to hold an extraordinary meeting.
  2. Every Board Meeting must be preceded by a formal agenda of discussion issued by the President and sent to each Board Member at least three days prior to the meeting.    

Section 3. Managing Organization

A.    The Board, by a majority vote, will elect a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary from the Eight elected Board members to serve in this position for a period of one year.

B.    The President shall designate with Board approval an Executive Committee to consist of the President, the Vice-president, and two additional Board members. The Executive Committee is authorized to address operational, business, and policy issues for the IAANT when the Board is not in session. Decisions made by the Executive Committee are subject to review and approval by the full Board at the following meeting. Additionally, on matters deemed confidential to individual members or IAANT employees (e.g., employment issues, legal matters), the Executive Committee shall be authorized to confidentially investigate, assess alternatives, and act on the matter pursuant to policies established by the Board.

C.    The President, assisted by the Executive Committee, shall oversee the functions of the IAANT. In the event the IAANT retains an employed Executive Director (or equivalent position) and staff, the President may delegate certain of the respective tasks to this individual. The Board shall establish the following Standing Committees: Nominating; Finance; Membership; Communications; Activities; and Facility Management. The Board, in its discretion, may establish, abolish, or consolidate these and such other Committees as it determines appropriate from time to time. These Committees collectively will be referred to as "Operational" committees. The Board shall designate a Chair and/or Vice-Chair of each Committee for such term as established by the Board.

D.    In case of dissolution, the board members/directors of IAANT must use the remaining assets exclusively to serve our ARTICLE II “purpose” which are all for exempt purposes.

Section 4. Committee Chairs and Vice-Chairs

  1. The Chair will be responsible for supervising functions necessary for the management of the respective IAANT Committee, and he or she will supervise and initiate Committee actions consistent with the directions of the Board.
  2. The Chair shall be responsible for preparing and obtaining Board authorization for a Committee budget, managing any budget authorized by the Board for the Committee, adhering to limitations placed by the Board on expenditures for a Committee, obtaining any authorization for expenditures in excess of such budget, and presenting receipts and justification to document expenditures. The Board Treasurer will be designated to interact with the Committee to control and review expenditures. The Chair shall be responsible for making periodic reports to the Board on Committee activities, and expenditures.
  3. In case of vacancy for a Chair, the Board shall select a replacement from among the Board members, provided, however, if no Board member has requisite expertise to head the Committee, a selection may be made from the General Membership.



Section 1. The President

  1. The President with the Board shall be responsible for the long-term continuity, good reputation, membership growth, and financial security of IAANT.
  2. The President shall be responsible for the orderly and organized direction of IAANT, and for the adherence to these bylaws, to other official instruments promulgated by the IAANT, and to any other policy established by the Board or the General Membership.
  3. The President shall be responsible for installing “ad hoc” committees to formulate recommendations and advice leading to improvements in the managing process, as well as the installation of a committee for future review and amendment to these Bylaws.
  4. The President or the Vice-president shall preside at all General Membership Assembly Meetings, all Board Meetings, and all functions relevant to the management of IAANT.
  5. The President shall oversee all Executive Committee meetings and decisions.
  6. The President shall act as the Executive Chair to the respective Operational Committees, and, in cooperation with the Treasurer, oversee expenditures of the respective Committees.  

Section 2. Vice President

The Vice President will preside and carry on the duties of the President in his or her absence.

Section 3. V.P. Treasurer

The Treasurer will receive, collect, and deposit all funds, and pay all bills, according to generally accepted accounting practices (GAAP); and will report such transactions at the Board meetings.

Section 4. Secretary

The Secretary will record all business conducted at Board and membership meetings, and will provide the minutes to the Members subsequent to the close of each meeting, and report at the next meeting on the these minutes.

Section 5. Finance Committee

  1. The Treasurer of the Board of Directors shall be the Chair of the Finance Committee.
  2. In coordination with and subject to the approval of the Board, the Finance Committee Chair (Finance Chair) shall be directly responsible for monitoring the financial health of IAANT.
  3. The Finance Committee Chair may install, organize, and supervise one or more sub-committees to handle Financial Planning, Budgeting, Accounting and Financial Controls.
  4. The Finance Committee Chair shall work with the respective Chairs of the Committees to forecast receipts and expenditures.
  5. The Finance Committee Chair shall produce and deliver monthly financial results to the Board.
  6. The Finance Chair shall cooperate with any financial review conducted and requested by the Board. At the end of each fiscal year, the Finance Committee Chair shall release a statement of Assets, Liabilities and net worth of IAANT to the Board and the General Membership.

Section 6. Membership Committee

  1. In coordination with and subject to the approval of the Board, the Membership Committee Chair (Membership Chair) shall be responsible for increasing the number of membership to IAANT consistent with the Purpose Statement of the organization.
  2. The Membership Committee Chair may install, organize, and supervise one or more sub-committees to handle New Member Recruiting and other membership affairs.
  3. The Membership Committee Chair shall forecast the changes in membership and the volume of monthly dues and provide timely information to the Finance Committee Chair to plan budgeting variance.
  4. At the end of each fiscal year, the Membership Committee Chair shall release a data statement showing the changes in membership, and the total number of voting members.

Section 7. Activities Committee

  1. In coordination with and subject to the approval of the Board, the Activities Committee Chair (Activities Chair) shall be directly responsible for initiating and managing events and activities of a cultural, charitable, social and fund raising nature.
  2. The Activities Committee Chair may install, organize, and supervise one or more sub-committees to handle philanthropic activities, monthly events and major yearly events such as Columbus Night, Soccer Tournament, Auction Night, etc., although a Special Standing Committee may be designated by the Board to manage an event, and it would report to the President.
  3. The Activities Committee Chair shall develop a multitude of diverse regular events of interest to the membership of IAANT.
  4. The Activities Committee Chair shall produce a quarterly calendar of events at least two months prior to their occurrence, and, in time, to be organized and be publicized to the membership and to interested groups.

Section 8. Communications Committee

  1. With prior approval of the Board and in coordination with the President, the Communications Committee Chair (Communications Chair) shall be responsible for issuing public statements and all communications approved by the Board.
  2. In coordination with and subject to the approval of the Board, the Communications Committee Chair shall be directly responsible for managing and disseminating quality information to all levels, internal and external, pertaining to the activities of the membership. All information media, whether electronic, written and/or verbal, shall be the responsibility of this Chair.
  3. The Communications Committee Chair may install, organize, and supervise one or more subcommittees dedicated to recording meeting information, publishing and distributing the IAANT newsletter, publishing periodical bulletins, and managing format and content of the Website.
  4. The Communications Committee Chair shall have the prerogative to name a PR adjutant, or adjutants, to manage relations with the public.  

Section 9. Social Services Committee

  1. In coordination with and subject to the approval of the Board, the Social Service Committee Chair shall be directly responsible for initiating and managing services of a humanitarian, medical and well being of the member’s nature.
  2. The Social Services Committee Chair may install, organize, and supervise one or more sub-committees to handle social services activities and scheduled events such as:
      1. Visit the homebound, elderly, hospitalized and families of deceased.
      2. Assistance to all the needy of the community and the new comers.
      3. Assistance in filling forms and paper work of all types.
      4. Assistance to the community for medical care.
      5. Public health lectures.
      6. Family counseling/Marriage strengthening/Parenting seminars
  3. The Social Services Committee Chair shall develop a multitude of diverse regular events to help and assist the membership of IAANT and the community.  
  4. The Social Services Committee Chair shall produce a quarterly calendar of events at least two months prior to their occurrence, and, in time, to be organized and be publicized to the membership and to interested groups.



Section1. Board Approval

The Board may approve amendments to the Bylaws with a two third majority vote and then submit the changes to the vote of the General Assembly.

Section2. General Membership Approval

The proposed amended Bylaws shall be published in the IAANT newsletter and through the Website and be received by the members at least two weeks prior to the General Membership Assembly. The GMA may approve the changes by a two-third majority of the assembled members. 


Amendment 01: Temporary Association Establishment Board

As of Saturday, January 25, 2009 the founding members of the Iraqi American Association of North Texas unanimously voted to establish a temporary care taking group to be titled: Association Establishment Board (AEB).  The AEB will consist of came together to form and write the initial bylaws and procedures for this association. The AEB will consist of the fabric of Iraqi sectarian and ethnic (to the extent possible) and without quotas but the hard work and faith in this association.

The AEB will serve for a period of 6 months that is extendable. The AEB will dissolve upon the completion of previously indicated six months period and once the official board members are elected. If however an election is not held as previously indicated, the founding members may choose to vote on the extension the AEB for an added period lasting no longer than six months. 

Amendment 02: New Board Members to serve the organization for the next six month.

“This meeting was held on 08/11/2009 at 13524 Quarry Trace Euless, TX. 76040. The meeting was called to order by Amira Matsuda and AJ Kadhim. After each member had cast his or her vote the Chair person declared the pools closed.

The following persons were elected for the next 6 months as officers of this our organization.

Amira Matsuda President

AJ Kadhim Vice President

AJ Kadhim Treasurer

Omar Al-Tememe Secretary

AJ Kadhim Finance Committee

AJ Kadhim Membership Committee

Abdul Abbas Altufali, Amira Matsuda and Omar Al-Tememe Activities Committee

Dr. Salih Al-Ameri, Mustapha H. Ali and Rajaa’ Al-Ali Communication Committee

Rajaa’ Al-Ali and Sajida Wali Social Services Committee




Call (817) 925-6861 for details or write to.

Iraqi American Association of North Texas
3704 Twin lakes Way
Plano, TX 75093